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    Welcome to Fat Squirrel Pub & Grille, New Mexico's best English-Style Pub! We are Rio Rancho's most exciting place to eat and socialize! Fat Squirrel is a family-friendly, casual yet affordable up-scale pub offering traditional and unique entrees which will keep you coming back for more.

    Thanks again for choosing an independent restaurant over the corporate behemoths. We know you will appreciate the quality of the food and service at the Fat Squirrel Pub & Grille, so sit back and enjoy your experience!


    About Us

    The name Fat Squirrel comes from the old Turtle Mountain days. One of the brewers discovered that a squirrel had been stealing the grain from the alley and by the dumpster after the brews were done. Gorging on the spent grain this squirrel quickly became so fat that she had a hard time running around the parking lot and had taken to lying on her belly in the shade under cars. After the first winter she returned with her babies for the free and easy meals. In English pub tradition, we decided to namethis restaurant after her and serve a namesake English style IPA that we contract brew with Turtle Mountain Brewing Company.

    The guiding principle of Fat Squirrel Pub & Grille is to provide the people of Rio Rancho and the surrounding communities with delicious, high-quality foods and beverages at an affordable price, in a comfortable, friendly environment.

    We have always enjoyed going to restaurants where the regulars seem to be like a family, and encourage you to join our family here at The Squirrel! Liz, Nicole, Nico, Greg, Lenore, Tomas, Casey, Jeremy and the rest of the staff would like to thank you for your support of local businesses, and look forward to greeting you on your next visit to Fat Squirrel.